I can’t and I don’t like the idea to be close inside a box, have border, have limit. I also don’t like to be close into a box of explanations, especially today in a world full of false communication, where few remain who really look each other in the eye when they talk, it is not a judgment, is just a fact of our era! I don’t belong there (too old!) I belong in a different world, some said my own world and I said the world that let me be me.

“The creation of a single world comes from a huge number of fragments and chaos” Hayao Miyazaki

my world is my chaos, most of it create by me! but one think it is for sure, who are aloud to enter are welcome because they don’t judge, they don’t want to changed, they just want to understand better…

Welcome into a little snap shot of my life, nothing big, not any big statement, just me.

albensrosa@yahoo.com my PA Karen or me we will always answer.

tuen.info@gmail.com for information, reservation, location etc…please contact us.


a touch of my art, a different direction, a different prospection

I belong to the basement, there is where you will find me.




it is not a cookbook
it is not a normal book
it is not for today
it is not what you expect


1° printing terminated in three months
2° edition terminated in nine months

Best in the world
Finalist (makeup Concept cookbook)
April 7, 2007
Beijing China


Tuen (a-doon) is the extension of Mr. B.

his own place,
not close
but not too far,
the way he see things,
the way he feel the world,
the way he respect cooking,
not new concept
complicated philosophy,
just you, the food, Mr. B. and his believe

you are welcome in his kitchen (for real!)
and together with him open the curtain of
sensations, passion, emotions, fun and
he hope memory to keep forever

here we are, simple, short and very real….

“he will be ready for you”

tuen.info@gmail.com for info, reservation, location etc…please contact us.

PS: everyone are welcome, all are respected, but PLEASE don’t consider us for any stars, fork, water, spoon etc….etc….we want to be free and have the freedom to said: NO THANK YOU!